Catalina Double Toucan

Catalina Double Toucan

  • Size of Mural: 12 x 18 inches (6 pcs. @ 6 x 6 ea.)
  • Size of Mural w/ Border: 16 x 22 Inches (Border Tile @ 2 inches)
  • Thickness: 3/8 Inch
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The Catalina Double Toucan Mural is a classic piece. The Toucans rest high atop the fauna with a perfect view as the sun sets over Avalon, Catalina. It is a reproduction of a mural created by the Catalina Tile Company in the early 1930s. Along with the many other bird scenes, it was introduced into production and housed in the island's exotic bird park. This bird park was home to many species of exotic birds and while the bird park no longer displays these wonderful exotic birds, the tile murals still remain today. 

This tile mural is reproduced by our highly trained staff of artisans, using the time honored and traditional methods of our tile ancestors. It is available as a six-piece tile mural with the traditional rainforest green and black border. 

It is best suited as a wall mural for your kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, patio, hallway, or entrance. It also makes a wonderful gift of ornamental beauty as a centerpiece mural, a garden accessory, or even a table top for your living room or patio. 

Our murals come ready to mount.


  • Custom Formulated Glaze Selection
  • Custom Rainforest Green Border w/ Black inserts (2")
  • Extremely Durable Water-Proof Finish - lasts a lifetime!