Ceramics in general is a unique and unpredictable business. The many nuances and variables that exist, add to the beauty and elegance of handmade ceramic tile. Thus, the handmade nature of ceramics lends itself to variations from product to product, batch to batch, and kiln load to kiln load. There will be slight distinctions in shape, size, color, and texture in almost every item. These variations are inherent to ceramic material and therefore must be expected. Accordingly, every glaze batch and kiln firing produces slight differences in color shading, texture, and size. To ensure the smallest possible range in color variation, it is best to order enough tile to complete the installation and, depending on the project, 5-15 % extra. Also, to avoid miscalculations it is recommended that you have a professional tile contractor calculate the measurements and quantities for your tile project. Furthermore, Catalina Classic Tile Co.'s products are used in a variety of applications such as kitchens, bathroom, floors, pools, fountains, and stairs. Some products may not be suitable for all applications. If values for characteristics such as absorption, crazing, or coefficient of friction are required, please contact us in writing before placing order. No claims for any tile order will be accepted after installation.


There are many variables that go into and affect the price of our tile. Material prices, supply, labor, and quantities, to name a few, are subject to extreme fluctuation. We are committed to providing our customers with the most affordable product and maintaining a relatively stable pricing scheme. However, we reserve the right to change prices, terms and conditions of sale without advanced notice. (These do not include jobs already bid or quoted)


Because we are a custom tile manufacturer and produce client specific products without inventory, we are unable to accept cancellations after production has begun. 


All products leave our factory in good condition and properly packaged. We ship all orders F.O.B. Catalina Classic Tile Company. Claims must be made to Catalina Classic Tile Company within 5 days.


All claims regarding your order pertaining to color, design, quality, or quantity must be resolved prior to installation. All claims for product returns must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt. Returns must be made in original packaging. Freight is responsibility of customer. No claims will be accepted for any reason after installation.


By ordering tile from Catalina Classics.com, client agrees to all terms and conditions above.