Malibu Galleon

Malibu Galleon


Size: 12 x 12 Single Tile
Thickness: 3/8 Inch

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This is a reproduction of the famous Malibu Potteries ship mural. Reinvented and aged to look like a classic, this 12 X 12 mural recaptures the old world style and beauty. The deep purples and blues of the dusk air are reflected of the graceful sail and blend together with the rich greens and buffs to ignite this piece with character and elegance. 

The Malibu Ship Mural is handcrafted on a 1/2 inch tile and made to last. You could drive a truck over it!! I wouldn't recommend it though.

This tile mural is reproduced by our highly trained staff of artisans, using the time honored and traditional methods of our tile ancestors. It is available as a one piece tile mural with the traditional colors and styles. 

It is best suited as a wall mural for your kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, patio, hallway, or entrance. It also makes a wonderful gift of ornamental beauty as a centerpiece mural, a garden accessory, or even a table top for your living room or patio. 

Our murals come ready to mount.