Our Favorite Bird

Macaws are one of the most strikingly beautiful birds in all of the parrot family. They are brilliantly colored and possess a personality unlike any other bird. This colorful personality makes them extremely unique and highly sought after as pets. 

Macaws became popular as pets towards the beginning of the twentieth century and have been prized by Native Americans for nearly 1000 years. The Macaws are indigenous to Central and South America. They are most likely to be seen feasting at river sides with clay cliffs. They are truly a symbol of the tropics and have made a unique impression on millions of people as a bird of paradise.


The Macaws are divided into 3 groups with a total of almost 20 different species. All Macaw species have broad heads, slender bodies and long tails. The most famous and recognizable macaws are the Scarlet macaw, Greenwing, and the Blue and Gold macaw. They are some of the most colorfully exciting birds and because of their size are easily identified. 

The Catalina macaw is a cross between a Scarlet macaw and a Blue and Gold macaw. The Catalina macaw is found in the wild and is typically marked with a yellow-orange chest, and shadings of green, blue and orange on the top of the head, neck and back. Catalina macaws are extremely intelligent, as are most other macaws, and can be outgoing with a propensity to talk. They are friendly and gentle animals and will be your friend for life.